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Thread: maths extension 1 vs maths extension 2

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    maths extension 1 vs maths extension 2

    From a learning and teaching perspective, Im more in favour of Maths Extension 1 over Maths Extension 2, my argument
    being that the working out towards an answer is more logical and easier to visualise, as opposed to maths extension 2. I
    also feel that the syllabus outcomes are much more organised and clear

    While maths extension 2 has some good topics such as complex numbers, harder integration, ellipses, hyperbolas, banked
    tracks and circular motion, I feel that there is too much focus on the algebra as opposed to the actual understanding behind
    the question (circular motion, conical pendulums being the real stand outs for me).

    However, this is my opinion. I'd be interested to see what other people's opinions are?

    btw I do have a degree in electrical engineering and secondary education

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    Re: maths extension 1 vs maths extension 2

    Personally I feel like 3u is just how many silly mistakes you can make after doing some papers because every question is pretty much the same thing, as in you've probably seen something similar before

    For 4u I think it's more about problem solving skills because they always have different questions and the hard part is knowing how to do the question. The main algebra topic is conics to be honest and that's like the only one (that I can think of)

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