Guys, I did my HSC back in 2004. I went to sydney boys, and we got given a document which showed the sequence in which all the 2u, 3u and 4u topics would be covered. I've got only the Year 12 sequence with me - I know it's a long shot, but does someone have the Year 11 sequence?

Or even a sequence from any other school.

Thing is, you need to make sure all the 2u students are covering the course, while at the same time the 3u students are covering the same content while also doing 3u stuff while also enabling them to start on 4u course etc. Make sure all the prerequisites of topics for harder levels of maths are being covered as well etc.

Anyway, here is the year 12 sequence I have:

18. Mathematical Induction 3U HSC
19. Circle Geometry 3U P
20. Further Coordinate Geometry 2U HSC
21. Further Geometry 2U HSC
3U P
22. Geometrical Applications of Differentiations 2U HSC
3U HSC part i
23. Iterative Methods of Solving Equations 3U HSC
24. Integration 2U HSC
25. Complex Numbers 4U HSC
26. Further Polynomials 4U HSC
27. Trigonometric Functions 2U HSC
28. Calculus of Logarithmic Functions 2U HSC
29. Inverse Functions and Inverse Trig 3U HSC
30. Integration by Substitution 3U HSC
31. Further techniques of Integration 4U HSC
32. Advanced Graphing Techniques 4U HSC
33. Applications of Calculus to Physical World 2U HSC
34. Elementary Particle Dynamics 4U HSC
35. Binomial Theorem and Further Probability 3U HSC
36. Harder Inequalities 4U HSC
37. Computing Volumes 4U HSC
38. Conic Sections 4U HSC
39. Motion in a circle 4U HSC
40. Harder 3 Unit Topics 4U HSC