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Thread: 99.75 CHEAP $12 Biology (96) and $10 English (91) Notes

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    99.75 CHEAP $12 Biology (96) and $10 English (91) Notes


    NOTE: PM me to buy the notes.

    Biology Notes
    I am selling my year 12 biology notes which I used for the HSC and they are extremely detailed as I spent countless hours working on them.

    I achieved a 96 HSC mark in biology in the HSC.

    These notes are all you need for the HSC course and you won't have to research yourself as I have done lots and lots of past papers and filled in all content needed for the subject.

    Also I have included some helpful advice after most dot points that will help with the HSC.

    They are at a cheap price of $4 per module, but if you buy all 4 modules it is $12 including the option topic, Communication, or $10 without the option topic if you buy the 3 core modules.

    English Notes
    I am selling my english notes I used in year 12 that have been constantly edited. Since we have 3 sets of trial exams, these notes have been edited after each one based on teacher feedback. In trials I got 87/105, 90/105, and 87/105.

    In the HSC I got 91/100 as my HSC mark.

    They include the 5 modules for english advanced and include quotes, technique and analysis as well as an introduction for some modules.

    The included notes are as follows:
    - My band 6 creative writing
    - AOS: The Motorcycle Diaries
    - Module A: King Richard III and Looking for Richard
    - Module B: W.B. Yeats' poetry
    - Module C: Brave New World

    If you want to buy one of the modules or AOS by itself, it will cost a cheap price of $1 per module and the creative alone is $6. The whole bundle is $10 - a cheap price considering creatives are usually sold for $10+.

    Thanks for your time!
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