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My year 10 was really good (around the same marks, all 90+%), but for some reason my form completely dropped in yr 11 and so far in year 12.
Many people have said this is because of incorrect study strategies, so i was wondering what these 'study strategies' are, and how to effectively use them.
For me personally doing past papers under exam conditions was successful. For maths its important to be exposed to a variety of questions which also helps to be able to answer question much more faster, allowing you to not only finish in time but allows you to check your answers or give extra time for any questions you got stuck on. Generally speaking it very important to practise questions consistently for maths since its all skills based.

For science subjects its important to know the content like the back of your hand before doing any past papers, as you're pretty much expected to know all of the content just to get a reasonable mark. It definitely wasn't time efficient but I read over my bio notes over and over again before any big test to make sure all the information is drilled into my head. A more effective method I suggest is spaced repetition with flash cards (which i did for Japanese). Its a bit harder to do past papers for subjects that aren't maths since the answers can be varied. When school starts again i highly suggest annoying the hell outta of your teacher(s) to mark any past papers you've done, as knowing how to answer questions the way that the markers want you to answer in is crucial.

If you really want the free time and if you don't think you can salvage your marks in engineering, drop it. If you dont think you'd spend the extra free periods wisely and your not fully confident with dropping the subject, I'd suggest keeping it. You can always drop it later, theres no need to drop it as soon as possible.