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Thread: My ATAR, My Rank, My School Rank plus Transferring later on in the University Course

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    Question My ATAR, My Rank, My School Rank plus Transferring later on in the University Course

    Year 12 started a few months ago for Students all across Australia, I'm currently more interested in the New South Wales origin but I guess all information helps. So I guess I should give some context of myself. Year 7-11 was pretty much a massive paradise for me, didn't really seem to care about school, one of those students that constantly chatter in the back and maybe even every now and then talk back to the teacher. My Rank was disgusting, 50/120 and our school rank fluctuated between 300-400 with a stunning upset of 100-200 at one point. To put it simply, I stumbled across a sudden realization in the transitioning from Year 11 to 12 as most people do and am now worried about my finishing ATAR that will unfortunately determine the early years of my adulthood and potentially my entire life.

    What ATAR can i expect?
    From Rank 50 of a cohort of 120, I estimate that I'm now in the Top 5. The Holiday period really hit me hard and I had to catch up on so much missed work and actually completed the assignments not a few days before due date.
    My Subjects and First round assignment scores: (Each worth around 20%)
    Physics: 44/50 (5th)
    Chemistry: 38/40 (3rd or 4th)
    Modern History: 24/25 (1st)
    Adv English: 27/30 (5th)
    Legal Studies: 88/100 (4th or 5th)
    Mathematics General: 70/100 (13th)
    I know first round might not be the same as the next wave of assignments, but I really tried hard to look for some example marks online for other peoples subject scores + ATAR and couldn't really find much.

    I don't want to sound stupid, but I'm confident in myself that I can do better and hopefully push everything (Except math) to a top 3. I originally wanted to do medicine, which was what inspired me and pushed me but I contacted the Medicine Department at UNSW to enquire about the median scores and they're fairly high. Infact no one in our schools history has ever achieved that. (99.6-99.7 with 196-198 Umat) So I guess my next question is

    How does transferring really work
    I'll be simple and brief, I'm still focused on the original scores for Med but it's already feeling impossible with all these articles about scaling and ranking etc. I plan to choose Medical Science at UNSW which I hope is still achievable for me but I also plan to try and transfer into medicine.

    Is it true that I need a High Distinction for the course to transfer halfway?

    Is it also true that you're offered Medicine as pathway after completing the entire Bachelors Course or am I thinking of just the Post-Graduate program that everyone can do after their bachelors.
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