So after going uphill the entire year, my trial results have been slightly above average but still disappointing in my eyes.

I was wondering if someone could just break it to me straight and tell me if my goal is still achieveable, a 93 ATAR.

I attend a school that is ranked about the 180th mark and right now as it stands my ranks are:

English Adv - 18/71 - 4 band 6’s
Mathematics - 7/56 - 8 band 6’s
Maths Ext 1 - 6/25 - 2 E4’s
Physics - 2/27 - 2 band 6’s
Information Processing and Technology - 4/10 - 3 band 6’s
Engineering Studies - 5/8 - 6 band 6’s

I should note that IPT, 3U maths, and English all have assessments left that weigh around 15-20%
I honestly regret choosing IPT and engineering but it’s the hand that I’ve been dealt and I have to go along with the ride. However, the top 4 and 5 are all close together between marks so I guess that is a positive.

So I’m willing to put in maximum effort for the next 10 weeks or so either way but I haven’t been able to get a straight answer by reading anything online or asking anyone I know.

I’m all ears as to what I need to prioritise and if I can achieve what I set out to.

Thank you for your time,