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Thread: absolute trash ATAR due to me failing my trials or?

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    absolute trash ATAR due to me failing my trials or?

    ok so, I goofed up big time and left studying until the week before trials. For English Paper 1, I didnt attempt discovery essay due to me thinking exam finished at 11:50 where it finished at 11:05. My 3U maths paper will be barely 50%, same with my chem and visual arts. I have business and 2U maths to go but assuming that I'm going to get minimum 45 - 60, I wanted to know how much I can push my atar up at this point.

    This is the first time that I'm sure that I have failed which is really worrying me. I need an atar of 90 (kms) but atm, I'm aiming for 80-85 and wanted to know if this is still achievable? I'm ranked in top half for all my classes (or near) and if I aced the actual HSC, is there still a possibility of achieving at 80+ atar?

    school rank - 70 ish?
    Subjects -> adv.english + Visual Art + Business + 3U maths + Chemistry

    I'm freaking out so bad atm thats its laughable. Thanks for taking the time to read this! Any advice / thoughts / opinions are greatly appreciated.


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    Re: absolute trash ATAR due to me failing my trials or?

    it will really depend on how much your ranking changes. But remember 50% of your subjects comes from the external exam in October, so even if you drop ranks in this one, you can follow it up by a good performance in the hsc exam as that external mark will be yours to keep.

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