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Thread: Embarrassing photo suggestions

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    Embarrassing photo suggestions

    Say you get kidnapped by some kidnappers, who wants you a large ransom. But the law says that the family are not allowed to pay kidnappers any money (in an effort to remove incentives of kidnapping). Because the kidnappers were noobs and did not hide their identity from you. You know who they are.

    So the kidnappers are left two choices, either kill you or let you go free. If they kill you, you will not be able to ID them, but of course, you would try to convince them that you will not ID them after you're freed. But the kidnappers knows that you have every incentive to ID them after being released and no incentive to keep your promise after being freed.

    So the game theory payout is as follow

    So in order to convince the kidnappers and to impose cost on yourself for revealing the ID of the kidnappers, ie reduce your payoff if you identify them after being freed, Thomas Schelling suggests that you ask the kidnappers to take embarrassing photos of you. However the textbook does not go into detail of what type of photos.

    So obviously I'm here thinking, what kind of photos would be embarrassing enough to convince the kidnappers that I will not ID them after to let me go?
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