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Thread: Human Resources Cert IV and Diploma

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    Human Resources Cert IV and Diploma

    Hi there,
    Looking to touch base with anyone who has, or is the process of completing cert IV or diploma in HR.

    Would love to find out your opinion of the course.

    Kind regards

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    Re: Human Resources Cert IV and Diploma

    I did a Bachelor's degree in HR, but from what I have heard, the Cert IV in HR is a lot more practical and useful in terms of content than a degree. However, your opportunities for advancement within the HR field wont be nearly as strong without a degree (stupid I know, but unfortunately that's just the way it is). The Cert IV will likely limit you to admin type HR roles or officer/co-ordinator roles in small organisations. If you already have a degree, then I think it is a decent choice - a graduate certificate might be a better option though, because it is a uni level qualification.

    All that being said, the HR industry is definitely driven by experience and tertiary qualifications arent as important as they are in other fields - so it is possible to go far with a TAFE diploma. Nonetheless, a degree is still a much safer bet.
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