Hi, I'm currently a second year Engineering student in UNSW and currently looking for a Gen Ed course to take. So basically, I've always been interested to at least get a little glimpse of what business courses are like, I guess probably because most of my friends are Accounting students. So I got pretty excited when I found out Accounting 1A (ACCT1501) is offered as Gen Ed in second semester. So I'm just wondering whether it'd be a good or bad idea for me to take this course, as I have no basics in Accounting whatsoever.

If any of you had taken this course before, what was it like for you? Also, does anyone know whether Accounting 1A in second semester is any different to the one taken in first semester? (Just wondering since I'm told that it'll on be offered as Gen Ed in second sem so I have a feeling it'll be easier in some way? Or not).

Thank you so much.