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Thread: Arts & Human Sciences Subject Review Thread

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    Re: Arts & Human Sciences Subject Review Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by TrentsUnicorn View Post
    Hey InsoulvencyReaper, I did 115 in first sem as well!! You a first year too??
    Hey! I was doing B Comm at UNSW and transferred into Law at MQ. So yes, I've just finished my "first year" woot
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    Re: Arts & Human Sciences Subject Review Thread

    Unit Code: LAW115
    Difficulty: (Very) Easy
    Lecturer: Many different lecturers from the Macquarie law faculty - stopped going after week 4 though.
    Tutor: Kevin Yee - such a great tutor would highly recommend him to anyone.
    Year and Semester Taken: 2016, Session 1.
    Workload: Light-Moderate.
    Comments: This is a pass/fail unit and honestly you don't need to go to the lectures at all. However, the tutorials are a must and really engaging.
    Assessment Breakdown: Taken from the iLearn site:

    Task 1 - Academic Honesty and Referencing Quizzes (2 online quizzes) (Due Week 3). [Students need 100% to pass; unlimited attempts before due date]

    Task 2 - Core Skills Assignment (Due Week 5). [Students need to pass all criteria in rubric; Feedback released in middle of mid-semester break; Resubmissions due Week 9]

    Task 3 - Legal Research Quizzes 1-5 (Due Week 6). [Students need 70% on each quiz to pass; Must attempt each by due date; Unlimited attempts to achieve 70% until Week 13]

    Task 4 - Hypothetical Problem in Public Law Assignment (Due Week 7). [Students need to pass all criteria in rubric; Feedback released Week 9; Resubmissions due Week 11]

    Task 5 - Law and Policy Project 1 - Group Wiki (Due Week 8) [All students need to contribute meaningfully; Tutors may require students to submit supplementary work if not satisfactory]

    Task 6 - Law and Policy Project 2 - Group Presentations in designated tutorial (weeks 9-13 for internals; OCS Day 2 for externals). [Students need to demonstrate meaningful contribution to the team's research outcomes; Tutors may require students to submit supplementary work if not satisfactory]

    The hardest things for me were: AGLC and finding the ratio and obiter of cases. If your group isn't bad then this unit will be a breeze for anyone. One of the unit conveners said you actively had to try to fail the unit and I couldn't agree more.
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    Re: Arts & Human Sciences Subject Review Thread

    Unit Code: CHN157 (Contemporary China)

    Difficulty: Easy

    Lecturer: Dr. Kevin Carrico

    Tutor: Dr. Kevin Carrico

    Year and Semester Taken: Semester One, 2017.

    Workload: Fairly Light- 1 hour lecture, 1 hour tutorial per week.

    Comments: This unit is interesting: it's strong point is that Kevin is a great lecturer who encourages his students. His marking feels fair, and although I have not got the exam results back I can say with certainity that it would get the marks it deserves. This unit is about 'Contemporay China' and covers the issues that faces China today. We discussed economics, religion, ethnicity, politics, nationalism (my favourite area). I liked the emphasis on case studies, the readings posted online are pretty good. I found having a lot to talk about at home, and even the current events assessment was fun researching about it. It's theory based, and rather academic. We see China through a scholar's eyes, not necessarily a person who lives in China. Which is okay, because the discussions we had in class- people would share their own personal experiences in tutorials and Kevin clearly knew what he was talking about.

    What I had issues with- was the textbook, the cohort and group presentations. The textbook, The China Reader (Sixth Edition) is heavily biased and fails to reach an objective consensus. It's disappointing especially in regards to Taiwan, I felt the other perspective wasn't explored. It's a thick, big textbook and there is good content in it, I just don't think we were supposed to think critically on the textbook. Which is a shame, because as this is part of a 'Chinese Studies' major or an 'International Studies' degree- we need to think more critically about the world in which we live in.

    Then there was the cohort. Look, I get that it's first year. I get there was only so much Dr. Kevin Carrico could do (and he did try to encourage the class) but it just got so discouraging at times. In the final tutorial before the final exam, less than half the class showed up. Class discussions were just four people in a room of 25 people, and it wasn't like they were 'dominating' the conversation, its just that the rest of the cohort weren't willing to put up their hands and give discussion a go. But generally, the people doing this unit were nice people but I have to mention the cohort because it does impact on my experience with the unit. It's sad that people didn't really care or get involved.

    Then there was a presentation. Easy enough, you do some research, present it to the class and ask three questions. Each presentation goes on for 15 minutes... and you've got 3-4 presentations, there goes the whole tutorial. Asking the questions was rather sad, because alot of students wouldn't put up their hands and Kevin tried his hardest to encourage thought and discussion. Maybe the presentations should have been small. Would have liked more time for class discussion. But not having an essay was a welcome alternative to alot of first year units.

    Overall, I enjoyed this unit and would gladly take a class run by Kevin again.

    Assessment Breakdown:
    -Participation / Attendance: 20%
    -Current Events Presentation: 20%
    -Mid-sem exam: 25%
    -Final exam: 35%
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    Re: Arts & Human Sciences Subject Review Thread

    isys100 anyone?
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    But... I'd rather be surfing

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