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Thread: Need help enrolling into Diploma of Languages

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    Need help enrolling into Diploma of Languages

    Hello, I'm looking to enrol into the Diploma in Languages course at UTS alongside nursing, with my first preference being French. I sent in the application and have been accepted into the course. However I'm getting confused by the enrolment process.

    I know that I need to only enrol into the subjects for the first year, but it states that I need to choose 48 credit points so do I just choose all the French Language and Culture options from 1-6? The rest of the electives state that I need to have done French Language and Culture 6 as a prerequisite.

    Also when I try to enrol into French Language and Culture 1, it comes up as planned and says that I can't enrol because the requisites for the subject hasn't been fulfilled, or something of the sort. But I thought there were no prerequisites???

    So could anyone offer some advice? I can't call them up at the moment since I'm overseas, and I've sent an email/request to them but they haven't responded yet.


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    Re: Need help enrolling into Diploma of Languages

    I'm doing combined with International Studies and had a similar problem, I was told to take a language test before we're able to enrol.

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