So I am applying for a few units that I studied at another uni and they are similar to the BScIT first year core units. 2 of them are pre-req for other subjects so I cant really enroll in the other units than those that I am applying credit for. I heard it takes 4-6 weeks to get the results which is quite alot and I probably won't submit my application until the upcoming Monday cause I am waiting for my transcript.

Soo 4 weeks, lets say I submit it on Monday that would be from 17/7 to 7/8 which is the last day to enroll in units...

So basically the units I am applying for are 75-80% similar to what I did last semester in terms of subjects, learning objectives and assignments. What are chances of getting credit recongition?

Should I enroll in these units anyway? But then when I get credit recognition for the units I might be too late to enroll in the subjects that I am supposed to.
Is anyone experiencing the same thing or has previously?

These are units:
- Communications for IT Professionals
- Introduction to Information Systems
- Programming Fundamentals

Plsss helppppp