This question is directed to those who have already completed the HSC (and in particular those who got a high 90s ATAR):

Ok so my half-yearlies start on the 27th of April and I was just wondering how previous students went about studying for them. So far my marks have been average (I go to a mid 30 ranked school) and I'm looking at the half-yearlies as an opportunity to boost my ranks up closer to a high 90s ATAR.

When did you guys finish learning all the content being tested for your half-yearlies? And when did you guys start doing past papers? I haven't started studying at all because I still have assessments until Term 1 ends.

Also regarding past papers, I often look at the answers while doing them because sometimes I don't know how to answer some questions. I feel like this is the wrong way of using past papers. Is it better just to go through a whole past paper at one go and then look through the answers to see what you don't know (after you finish the paper)? I just need confirmation.

Thanks in advance.