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Thread: Legal Studies HSC 2017

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    Legal Studies HSC 2017

    Does anyone have any predictions for the HSC Legal Studies essay questions (crime, family and consumer) ?

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    Re: Legal Studies HSC 2017

    Quote Originally Posted by daniellehm_ View Post
    Does anyone have any predictions for the HSC Legal Studies essay questions (crime, family and consumer) ?
    I did legal studies for my HSC exam and I didn't really prepare to a specific question (in hopes that they would pick it), so I just memorised everything.

    TBH for Crime you're much better off knowing your topics off by heart rather than trying to predict or write one essay to memorise as there are so many possibilities. What I did was know each heading really well and then it was a matter of picking what specific topics would best hit the Q. I.e. I was able to combine young offenders and the Criminal Justice Process to answer a question on balancing the rights of the victim, offender and society. I felt I had a lot more freedom doing this preparation method as my essays were extremely adaptable to the question.

    For Family I did memorise a specific essay plan but I knew they could only ask 2 out of 3 possible essay questions and that seemed to really work for me.

    I know this doesn't answer your question but I hope it gives you some inspiration for your preparation process!
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