Hey I need clarification for the structure of the world order response as I'm confused about it. For band 5/6 we are told to use 3 case studies, but I dont see how that is possible if you're folliwing this format, or are we meant to only use 2 case studies that effectivelly allow you to evaluate the effectivness? Please help I just need some assutrance that this IS HOW YOU STRUCUTURE world order essays and that you only need 2 cases studies, not 3. Many thanks, and please fix structure if needed.


P-1 CASE #1 Legal Responses

P-2 CASE #1 Non- Legal Repsonses

P-3 CASE #2 Legal Responses

P-4 CASE #2Non- Legal Repsonses

P-5 CASE #3 Legal Responses

P-6 CASE #3 Non- Legal Repsonses