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Thread: UWS Bonus Points ...

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    UWS Bonus Points ...

    How does it work?

    Like if you get bonus points for regional and EAS, making you at least like 8 points below the cut-off or something, do you still get priority? Or would other people who got higher than you get your 1st preference because it's theirs too?

    I think I read somewhere saying that regional bonus points is automatic but I wasn't sure about EAS.

    And then there's subject bonus points ... which I have no idea how it works either.
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    Re: UWS Bonus Points ...

    You get 5 bonus points automatically for admission to UWS if you are in the region specified by UWS.
    EAS needs an application which you should have filled in about 2 months ago. I think there may be a possibility that late admissions may be available for EAS.
    So yes, regional points are automatic, but they have no effect on your ATAR. Rather, for UWS courses, your rank will be 5 marks higher for all courses eligible (some courses are not eligible for the regional bonus points).

    If you end up with a higher rank, with the bonus points of subjects and regional, then you get priority over others with a higher ATAR, but no bonus points.

    Subject bonus points are allocated to students who achieve a good performance in the subjects relevant to the course.
    So for engineering for example, the uni may allocate 2 bonus points for achieving a band 5 in Physics (This is made up and I am not sure about the bonus points allocated by other uni's for other courses).

    Hope this helps.

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