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Thread: Equine Science vs. Vet Science

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    Equine Science vs. Vet Science

    Hey all!

    Just having a look at the courses at CSU at the Wagga Wagga Campus and really interested in the Equine Science undergraduate degree.

    Just wondering if any of you have done Equine Science and whether it'd be a good undergraduate degree to do before post-graduate Veterinary Science @ Melbourne or Sydney Uni? I'm looking to specialise in Equine Med and work in Mixed Practice in Rural areas, and have grown up with horses all my life.

    Oh and please no "don't do vet" bashers! I have worked full-time in a clinic and am very well aware of the huge pitfalls of the career.

    If anyone has done this degree or is at CSU for anything animal related please respond! I'd love to hear from you.

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    Re: Equine Science vs. Vet Science

    The best undergraduate degree for vet is the one where you can score the highest marks. Particularly if aiming for unimelb or usyd as their main criteria is usually marks. Some people do one, two or more degrees trying to get in.
    Melb is now a DVM postgrad degree so you will need to check with them if the Equine Science degree contains all the prerequisite subjects for entry. Syd is moving to a postgrad degree also so you will need to check prerequisite subjects with them also.

    Have you thought of applying at the other 5 unis in Australia? If you are very keen on this career path then it is best to maximise chances. You will also need to be well setup financially due to the long length of the degree, low wages of the profession and increasing unemployment.

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