I'm a journalism graduate from WA who's been working in Sydney radio for the past year.

For the last couple of months, I've been developing a new news website - something similar to BuzzFeed, Daily Life and Daily Beast.

However what will make mine different, is that it will primarily be made of feature articles on a range of contemporary issues - with factual arguments.

The articles can be on anything from the popularity of the Kardashian family, to the fear of flying and the difference between Australian and American politics.... just to name a few.

The target audience will mainly be between 15 years old to about 30.

So, if you're a student journalist who's interested in developing your writing skills and ready to be apart of something new and different.... Just flick me an email at

All news stories will be credited to your name, however at this point it's an unpaid job.

If you're interested in writing about either: sports, music, films, politics and pop culture - that would be ideal!

Hope to hear from you all.

Kind regards,