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Thread: Expressions of Interest for Chem/Phys / English / Med information seminar @ Parra Lib

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    Expressions of Interest for Chem/Phys / English / Med information seminar @ Parra Lib

    Hey guys,
    Basically I remember a few years ago that I used to attend all these seminars that were run at parra library and thought that maybe I should give back to the community that helped me out back then. I'm not too sure if these things still happen and if they do, how many people would be interested. I'll probably charge $10 at the door for maybe a 6 hour session depending on who's interested in what.

    Anyways, since I haven't been online for a while, here's a little about me.

    I graduated from Penrith High School, 98.7 ATAR. I think what most people would think is the best reason for attending this seminar is because I went from rank 131 in year 10 in English (advanced) to rank 1 in year 11 (which was maintained in year 12 until I realised that my rank was enough for a band 6). So yeah, I think a lot of people are in that kind of situation where they are a little confused and helpless regarding how they can improve their English marks.

    For chem and phys I don't plan on going through much content (however, if you're behind, please say so below and I might do a few more sessions where I cover a little bit of material so we're all up to scratch). What really gave me the edge in phys and chem (I didn't band 6 phys but I got 92 in hsc and 79 internal so I hope I'm still of a little bit of help) was that my friends and I developed a way of writing responses that wasn't used by anyone, but all the teachers really appreciated quite a bit. It was very different and it also helped us write the correct things so that we didn't lost marks for not addressing the question.

    And if you want maths (2u/3u/4u), just holla cause I might not run any sessions but I'd be down to help with some questions at the end (im a bit rusty though).
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    if i post anything useful, hit the 'star' button on the bottom left corner of the box. thanks a bunch.

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    Re: Expressions of Interest for Chem/Phys / English / Med information seminar @ Parra

    This sounds like a really nice idea. It won't apply to me unfortunately since I've just recently graduated but I hope you get many people interested in this!
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