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Thread: Stressed - haven't done much

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    Stressed - haven't done much

    I graduated yesterday and it had only just hit me that there's barely anytime before HSC.
    How many past papers have you guys done or just anything in general?

    I've done barely anything and I have just refined my essays (haven't practiced with any questions) and it's starting to stress me out.
    My friends say it'll be okay as long as you study everyday from now on since you have no more school but I feel like I won't be 100% prepared.

    Is anyone on the same boat as me? If not, could you just post your schedule or just things you've done?


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    Re: Stressed - haven't done much

    Dw I lost motivation too after trials but now we gotta study hard!!! Your friends are right, just study everyday from now on, choosing specific days for specific subjects eg the first day is eng andModern History the next day is math and legal, and so on try and attempt to do a thing least one past paper a day, your notes should already be done, if not hurry up and get them done, revise over them and begin doing past papers in timed conditions, but do not forget to relax and destress every now and then!!! Work in a cycle and allow yourself extra time for subjects you have difficulty with, having a study scheldule is crucial for organisation during the HSC!!
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