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Thread: I have been sick from since my last exam and my next exam is on monday

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    I have been sick from since my last exam and my next exam is on monday

    I only have one more exam left which is Modern History and my last was Mathematics General 2 on Thursday morning.

    However, since Thursday night, I have done absolutely study as I have had a constant headache, fever, body aches and especially diarrhea

    I'm posting this as of Sunday afternoon and I doubt that I will be fully recovered and in the best shape to do the exam but even if I magically did, I have been disadvantaged.

    Honestly I don't know what I'm supposed to do in my situation so I hope somebody can inform me

    EDIT: I have been reading NESA's policies on Illness and Misadventure, which they state if your claim is successful, they will use your internal mark as a reference but my HSC Modern History internal marks have been subpar (65% Trial) and I'm sure if I wasn't sick now, I could have prepared better. So essentially, they will use my internal marks or my actual exam result which I likely will be sick when I am doing the exam
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    Re: I have been sick from since my last exam and my next exam is on monday

    As far as I know, your internal marks shouldn't matter too much, if at all, for providing an estimate, since every school marks to different standards.
    I recommend definitely getting a doctor's certificate and applying for illness misadventure, as you've definitely had a disadvantage. My deputy reckons though that even if you apply for illness misadventure, to try take the exam anyways since they'll use whatever you get as a basis for an estimate.
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