Windows Vista was very lackluster in nature and this is why Microsoft quickly came up with Windows 7. It is truly an operating system that should succeed Windows XP. While Vista gave quite a flashy interface, but it wasn’t able to live up to the expectations.

If you stay up-to-date with technology news, you would know that Windows 7 was launched on 22 October 2009. Till then it has ruled the desktops and laptops of Windows users. And now Windows is read with its newer version: Windows 8. This is the time to look back at Windows 7 for some time.

What changed in Windows 7? There were many programs that were in Windows Vista, but they were not present in Windows 7. Some of them are:
· Warnings of troubleshooting: These pesky word balloons kept appearing related to possible security problems and troubleshooting help.
· Quick launch: It gave easy access to all frequently used programs on your system. It was also there in Windows XP. However, you won’t find any quick launch bar in Windows 7. Instead, you can pin programs to task bar.

Windows 7 Beta

Some good features of Windows 7 Beta are:
· While the Start menu of Windows got redesigned in Vista, 7 gave makeover to the system tray.
· It is the distinctive characteristic of Windows, and it allows users to reach programs through system tray and start menu.
· The text labels and small icons appearing on applications got replaced by unlabeled and larger icons. This new design reduced the clutter lying on the desktop.
· You can even shrink the icons and bring back the labels if you don’t like the new layout. Plus you can also reorganize icon position on Task-bar.

· Quick Launch abilities have been merged into the task-bar.

· Windows Vista Live Preview feature is enhanced into Windows 7 so that you can view thumbnails while running the application.
· Windows 7 gives you jump lists that perform many tasks within any application. They work even if that application is not open.
· The desktop is now visible without clicking. If a lot of Windows are open, just hover your mouse on the right side “auto peek” button and you can see what is going on the desktop. This preview feature is useful for other tasks as well.

Apart from all these features, Windows 7 is much more secure than Windows Vista. One of the most annoying things on Windows Vista was constant confirmation message boxes whenever you wanted to run a program. This problem is resolved in Windows 7. Learn more about Windows 7, and learn some cool Windows 7 tricks.