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Thread: Business Studies! How to study +exam techniques?

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    Exclamation Business Studies! How to study +exam techniques?

    I am currently in year 11. What is the best way to study business studies since its a highly rote subject and what are good exam/study techniques to get 95%+? What should I study in the dec/jan holidays to prepare for year 12? Currently ranked 18/120, want to get higher as scales low.

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    Re: Business Studies! How to study +exam techniques?

    Remember your syllabus! I.e use acronyms as a method of remembering the syllabus, it should be the starting point for most extended response / short answers.

    Hand in completed practice HSC questions to receive feedback from your teacher on how to answer the question. (If possible, hand into an HSC marker)
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    Re: Business Studies! How to study +exam techniques?

    I didnt do business studies but thought this post of mine will help

    Quote Originally Posted by Jaxxnuts View Post
    Ask yourself how are you studying?

    Are you just using notes and memorising them continuously? Are you not doing past papers (not doing enough)?

    If that is the case then you will need to change your ways of study (I'm not saying it's bad, I'm just saying change to something that would seem more reasonable) even if you're doing well. That's when studying smart comes in

    Studying smart is about studying all your content in a not so long time frame whilst getting really high marks. In my opinion studying smart comes from the following: 1. How you study your content 2. How you study your weaknesses

    Most of your subjects should either require conceptual understanding, rote memorising or mathematical calculations

    Conceptual understanding mainly comes into the sciences (and maths I guess) and to actually conceptually understand something you should explain it to someone without looking at notes. Conceptual weaknesses should also be studied via watching videos and/or having super detailed explanations with a diagram. To understand something you would need to understand why.

    Rote memorisation occurs in English, sciences and the humanities. One of the most effective methods with rote memorisation I've been told is that there is a "finite" amount of content the NESA can ask in your HSC. Also there is also a "Worksheet method" in which you make worksheets (but cut out a few words), print it out then fill it in a few times a day everyday

    To succeed in mathematical calculations, practice and perfection is the crux of succeeding in maths. If there are certain aspects in maths you struggle with you should learn from your mistakes by asking for help and repracticing those mistakes from time to time

    Of course one of the most important things is "memory retention". This can be done by applying the knowledge you learn on the day e.g. if your teacher taught you word war 1 in modern history, I'd recommend making notes right after and then doing necessary exam questions. If you struggled with something conceptual on the day you were taught it (e.g. newton's laws) my recommendation is watching videos and looking at how science is applied to the real world

    Hope that helps

    Good luck

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