I'm completing 14 units for prelim. These include:

3U Maths
3U English
Music 1
SOR II (compulsory)

I'm currently doing SOR accelerated and I really don't like it. With such heavy subjects, I'm thinking of dropping down to SOR I so I have more time in Year 12 as I also intend to drop Music and pick up 4U Maths (and that the SOR I HSC exam is mid next year). However, my school has made it compulsory that I do 14 units in case I have to drop both Ext. English and Ext. Math provided I can't handle them in prelim year. I really don't know what I would do then. There are 2 1-unit subjects I can pick from to do 14 units, but they are subjects I would hate even more than SOR II. Another option would be that I have to pick up ANOTHER 2-unit subject bringing my units to 15 (I'm sure they won't let me do this).

Regardless, is it worth it inquiring about changing from SOR II to SOR I? It's my only humanities subject so if I keep it I intend to use it to practice my English, but it's just a subject that fails to interest me and I'm behind in all my work now. I've done an exam for it already and will get my marks back soon. Should I just decide then? I can't even handle doing the work now as it doesn't interest me at all. If I do inquire to change, what do you speculate they will make me do? Pick up 2 more units?