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Thread: Help with Subjects

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    Help with Subjects

    Hey all,

    I need some advice on which subjects I should take to year 12.

    I currently do:
    - 3U Maths
    - SoR1
    - EN adv
    - Chem
    - Bio
    - VA

    This year I have been struggling to keep up with the workload. I find Bio is taking up a lot of my time - but coming 1st in it. Im not doing too bad at 3U - doing bit better in 2U (90%ish) though scared for the harder 3U topics next year. Bad teachers for SoR and Chem (teachers are consistantly away for class - unknown why), not doing particularly well in either (haven't invested enough time in either). English is one of my weakest fields - haven't put much practice into it because bio taking up alot of time. VA Im happy with my prac but theory is lacking.

    I need to drop something, or rearrange my study schedule.

    Any tips?

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    Re: Help with Subjects

    I know I'm not in Yr12, so I'm probably not of much help, but I definitely recommend keeping Bio seeing as you're coming 1st (good job btw)
    I'd say keep 3U math if you're doing okay in it, if it gets too much you could always drop it or get help
    VA, the theory is essentially English except with artworks instead of texts. Doing practice papers and some background research will likely improve theory skills
    English is my weaker field as well, but I'd definitely recommend freeing up more time for it, especially in Yr12. However there's no shame in moving to Standard if you're finding it too much.
    As for Chem and SoR, I'd say keep Chem since it usually scales well, but free up more time for it. I can't speak for either though since I don't take those courses

    I hope I was of some help. Best of luck!!
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