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Thread: Economics in the HSC

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    Economics in the HSC


    Just seeking some opinions about whether I should drop Economics for the HSC.

    I'm currently topping my class and did reasonably well in my Preliminary finals with very minimal study. The reason I want to drop is so I can dedicate more time to Maths and Sciences, but also so I can study for my SATs next year (I want to go to the US for university).

    I have a love/hate relationship with the subject; sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't, but the main thing is time constraints. But I just don't want to make any rushed decisions, so I thought I'd get some opinions from others first on whether I should drop or hold out for a bit, given my circumstance.

    Thanks heaps!

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    Re: Economics in the HSC

    You'll find yourself putting in a lot more work for HSC economics than preliminaries. I was in a similar spot in Year 11 but come Year 12 I approached it a little too lightly and messed up my first assessment which led to me crawling my way back up to a decent rank. I won't recommend dropping it because I actually enjoyed it but I'd definitely just add that if you keep it be ready to just focus and get your study routine under wraps asap to ensure you have a smooth journey.
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