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Thread: How is HSC Chemistry different from Prelim?need help.

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    How is HSC Chemistry different from Prelim?need help.

    Hi lol i have posted couple of times on boredofstudies now but im really worried about chemistry cause i enjoy it a lot and have a good rank in class but im not getting good marks at all. I wouldnt even call them decent. I just finished prelim chem and didnt do too good. Some people are saying that prelim chemistry is much harder than year 12 chemistry. my brother told me the same thing.Is this true The places where i lost marks in prelim chem exam was all the mendelev bs, a question on how water pollution effects which were like 4/5 marks each. I understand the concepts of mole calculations and intermolecular forces quite well. How much of year 11 prelim does actually come again in year 12 hsc. Like does pollution or history stuff come again?.Can someone tell me all the specific parts which pop up again in year 12 chemistry which was learned in year 11 chemistry. And how is hsc chemistry different in content to prelim chemistry and how did you personally approach it to do well in the subject?

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    Re: How is HSC Chemistry different from Prelim?need help.

    If you understand like the chemical principles behind stuff such as the mole calculations, limiting reagents, writing equations, balancing them, intermolecular forces etc. then you will be fine. For year 12 the content you learnt in year 11 such as the mendelev stuff is not really used, only real things that you need to have a good understanding of are the types of things I listed above. Other than you can improve a lot from prelim to HSC in chemistry (had many friends move up from like getting 60s to 70s in year 11 to getting high band 5s and band 6 results).

    Heres some advice I wrote before for the subject: Band 6
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