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Thread: What subject should I drop?

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    What subject should I drop?

    I just started year 12 this week and only want to be 10 units (I feel like its best for me) and can't decide what to drop
    Im currently doing
    • Advanced math
    • Advanced English
    • economics
    • legal studies
    • business studies
    • society and culture

    I'm thinking of either dropping society and culture or business, but Im thinking of either doing business or commerce/law at uni. I know I don't need to do business in hs for uni, but it would probably help but its such a dry subject. Im going really well in society though because its quite easy but I don't know if I can commit to doing a pip.
    Any advice would be v much appreciated ))

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    Re: What subject should I drop?

    I did similar subjects and I ended up dropping business studies (I ended up doing Legal, Eco, 4U maths, 3U english) only because it was dry. I felt that the course was based off common sense and it wasn't as engaging as the other courses I had.

    If you're taking my opinion, I would drop business studies
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