Hi everyone,

My name is Helen. I'll be taking 3U mathematics in HSC this year. I'm quite confident about Maths, but I really need partners who want to study with me to compete, to support each other in a comfort zone. I was intending to study at Master Coaching since I'd a chance studying once time at this coaching, but the coach just accepts at least 8 students in a group.
I've been so stressful when HSC is coming, I don't want to take more pressure in this period, at this coaching I felt so comfortable, usually at tutoring centres we are hammered into principles which most of them are not flexible at all, so when we see the new pattern maths, we couldn't resolve. but here all members are so free to take their problems they have to others with supporting from the devoted coach, Robert.

I feel like all mastered skills are retained at 100% efficiency and can be reproduced in any test I couldn't do it at school. If you know Eddie Woo, I can't take my eyes off his videos all most time and the same thing happened when I was in Rob's group.
If you're interested in this, just google Master Coaching Australia; there are some free videos on this web and they're so interesting and helpful.

I've been looking for partners for quite long time so Please leave your comment here if you want to join in my group coaching.