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Thread: Time management and procrastination

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    Unhappy Time management and procrastination

    any tips for time management and how to deal with procrastination?

    I feel like sometimes youtube just sucks so much time legit, one quick video to 'get music' becomes a 4 hours sesh of clicking on random recommended videos

    but some days I am so productive legit get so much work done but then other days just do nothing, so inconsistent :/
    and sleep schedule is idk none existent, if like I'm not physically tired then I don't sleep good

    also how do you normally study?
    (50 min blocks then 5 min break) cos I always get distracted either like getting food, or doing random stuff

    also notice the time this was posted :0
    procrastination at its finest

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    Re: Time management and procrastination

    I completely relate with you about youtube haha. You start by putting music, and end up watching videos about the royal wedding. This was legit the case for me this morning... sigh

    Mini goal setting helps A LOT! Just setting goals as to how much work you want to get done in your study session helps, and also those small wins keep you motivated!

    I get work done with 1.5 hours of work and a 30 min break. Funny fact... I actually learnt about this study method while procrastinating before a Chemistry exam, and watching an ASAP science video on youtube about productivity cause my brain thinks that learning about study techniques the day before an exam is much better than studying. Here's the link:

    Hope you don't stay up till 3 because you're watching youtube. Heard that apps like self control, stay focused and cold turkey can help with limiting you're time on distracting websites
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