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Thread: Can someone please explain ATARS to me?!

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    Can someone please explain ATARS to me?!

    So i get the basics of it, but what i dont get is something about if you are coming first in your assessment rank and then bomb out in the hsc, you take the top hsc rank?? idek. Also i dont get what schools rank have to do with it, if your good shouldnt you just be good?

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    Re: Can someone please explain ATARS to me?!

    About the school rank, the school rank does not affect the ATAR itself, however when giving ATAR estimates, they ask for school rank as smarter schools like James Ruse will more likely get higher results and marking reflects HSC marking. Also as they are ranked highly each year, its easier to estimate. If your school is ranked 500+ then the variance between results from year to year is much greater. There is less band 6s, as most of these schools have only 1 band 6 (otherwise they aren't ranked).

    Basically speaking, if you came first, and you bomb the exam, the highest mark by anyone will be yours. This is the same for last but it doesn't matter for anyone else, as it will be modified and can quite possibly be a number you haven't received. A big misconception is that 1st place gets the highest, 2nd get second highest etc but if that's the case then things submitting marks wouldn't need to be done. Dont get hungover about this though, try your best, maximize your marks and you will be fine.
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