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Thread: Tips for 2019 - Prelim

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    Tips for 2019 - Prelim


    I'd be really grateful for any tips for the following subjects (e.g. What I Should be doing through the holidays to be prepared, what I should be doing throughout school to max. my marks, e.t.c idek just in general for senior years )
    The Subjects that I'll be pursuing for the Next 2 years:
    - Advanced English
    - Extension 1 (3u) Maths
    - Physics
    - Chemistry
    - Biology
    - Economics (might change to Legal)

    Thank you in Advance

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    Re: Tips for 2019 - Prelim

    Can’t tell you exactly what to do but from personal experience, here is what I did:

    1) Collect resources for your subjects - buy textbooks, download PDFs, beg above cohort for notes
    2) For sciences - I wrote about 1.5 modules worth of notes for all my science subjects before holidays ended. This allowed me time to keep pushing forward during the term to cover all half yearly tested topics before HY actually arrived.

    I would recommend using two textbooks + reliable set of notes to write your own set of notes. However some of my friends never wrote notes and still ended up doing well. The main point here is to be able to develop the ability to self-learn content early on by reading textbooks.

    3) for Economics, I would not bother writing any notes. I made the mistake of doing so. Grab a set of notes from previous years because the textbook you’re using for preliminary basically stays the same each year. Try to understand (NOT memorise) the concepts.

    It’s a bit early to learn in the holidays but definitely ask your teachers for advice on writing economics essays when school starts (structure is KEY). This is usually the hardest part for many students (alongside MCQ). If you’re doing legal I have no idea then.

    4) English - I did nothing for English during year 10 holidays and this was reflected in my marks. However, for Year 12 I read my prescribed texts during the summer break (I’d skip on poetry and Shakespeare atm and wait for class analysis).

    I personally don’t think much can be done anyway but this was old syllabus so I’m not entirely sure.

    5) Maths - depends on your ability. I personally worked really hard through the “Understanding Year 11 Maths” book during the holidays but cbb for the rest of the two years.

    But then again it’s still Year 10 holidays so do try and take it easy..
    BSci/MD @USYD

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