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Thread: Thread for students preparing for year 11!

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    Thread for students preparing for year 11!

    Hi guys!
    First of all, I'd like to say that I'm very new here so I'm still tryna figure out how lots of things work here ...

    Anyways, I thought to make a little thread for all us new year 11 students so we can post the subjects we're taking and how we're preparing for them, how we are going to organise our notes, study routines, how we're planning to do things this year.. pretty much anything I guess? School starts in a little over a week so post some tips maybe? So we can help each other prepare!

    I guess I'll start:

    I'm taking:

    -Advanced English
    -2u/3u Maths
    (+ some random 1u subject to make 12 units)
    I'm planning on dropping biology and picking up 4u maths in year 12 though..

    I'm not sure how I wanna organise my notes this year; Last year i just used my laptop for all my subjects I didn't have any books (except for maths) but I think I need books for all my subjects this year. I also want folders for all my subjects but I'm not sure how many I want. I was planning on having one for each subject at home for all my paper and past exams or whatever but I think I also want one per subject for school... or maybe I should just have one folder for everything at school.. idk, what are you guys doing for organisation n stuff?

    Anyways, good luck with your first year of senior year everyone!
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    Re: Thread for students preparing for year 11!

    I've been using books since year 7 but I plan to use binder books for year 11 and a binder that I carry to school to put all my handouts. At home I also plan to have a binder for each subject to put all my loose sheets, worksheets,past papers etc. My home binders are actually lever arch folders and they have dividers labelled according to the topic/module and the formentioned things worksheets, etc. My binder for school is divided into just subjects.

    My subjects are;

    English Advanced

    Maths Advanced

    Maths Extension 1




    Japanese Continuers

    So I'm taking 13 units and using binders and binder books.
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    Re: Thread for students preparing for year 11!

    Hi everyone!

    Typically we have a more general chitchat thread about school on 2020ers Prelim HSC Chit Chat Thread and a place for introductions here Roll Call: For Preliminary 2019 so it is easier to find out what people subjects are, and have one where you can discuss stuff more in greater details.

    I found having binders(or multiple) for each of my subjects at home and bringing a smaller A4 display into school was the most efficient form of managing stuff. Some of the binders can get quite big and heavy to carry so having a lighter folder to carry stuff into school was helpful. Maybe instead of books consider loose lined paper?

    Gridbooks where helpful for mathematics.
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