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Thread: year 11 subject help!

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    Question year 11 subject help!

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    So the time has come to chose my subjects, and I would appreciate it if anyone could tell me how good or bad my subjects are.
    Also I want to do an early childhood course in uni so I only really need about an atar of around 78.

    Adv English
    General maths
    Geography (is the content different from year 10?)
    Modern history
    For my last subject I was thinking about doing textiles, legal studies or business studies. I'm fine with any of them but I just can't choose! I'm more leaning towards textiles.

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    Re: year 11 subject help!

    Not that knowledgeable with Geography but I have a friend who does it - it's much better than Year 10 Geography, there's a lot more field work opposed to constant theory and skills, while there may be a small cohort, I'm sure each kid and the teacher will have a passion for Geography. You'll still be doing skills and theory just like any other humanity subject but I'm sure it is much better than junior Geography.

    As for your dilemma with Business, Legal and Textiles, you should choose subjects you're interested in and love and I think because you lean towards Textiles more, take it especially since I think it'll help with a a career and degree around early childhood - knowing how to sew and do practical tasks is very beneficial with or without pursuing an education course. Just beware of the scaling and make sure to do extra hard in this subject and learn valuable skills to use in the real world

    Unless for some reason scaling is an issue to you, then take Modern History over Legal Studies and if you do, I'll comment later if you should choose to not undertake Textiles.

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    Re: year 11 subject help!

    I haven't done any of your courses except for adv English and geo, but yes geo in year 11 and 12 has vastly different topics, and much better excursions/fieldwork activities than in year 10. Classes tend to be smaller which means you get more time with your teacher to do stuff such as extended responses and short answers, and in year 11, more time to talk about your senior geography project. There's no project in year 12 though. I personally enjoyed urban places in year 12, and population geo in year 11, they're topics you usually don't learn about in other subjects (biophysical interactions is very bio/chem plus social/economic/enviro impacts).
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