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Thread: Year 11/12 subject selection suggestions

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    Year 11/12 subject selection suggestions


    I am a year 10 student and my mind is troubled with the subjects I should pick. Right now it seems like I am going to do a science career. I don't know which subject of science (physics, biology, chemistry) because I like them all. I want to get a high ATAR of course and after I made a list of what I wanted to do I had 15 units. Not sure if that's way too much but I think so. Anyways the list was:

    Ancient History- Am really interested in the topics covered. And love the teacher, it's the best teacher I've had. Really enjoy her lessons, (I had her for ancient history when I was year 8).

    Physics- Same reason for biology and the other sciences really. It's related to what I want to do in the future. (The teacher scares me a little).

    Chemistry- You can relate it to both biology and physics.

    Biology- Interesting topics covered. Love it and want to learn more about it.

    English- Mandatory.

    Investigating Science- It enhances the skills taugh in biology, chemistry and physics. Not too sure about this one. We would be learning stuff like scientific models, theories and laws, technologies, science and society.

    Maths Extension 1- 3 unit subject. I am doing the 5.3 course right now in year 10. I am not the biggest maths lover but of course got to do it. It is needed for almost every job and thought it would be good for the physics subject.

    Can you guys give me some suggestions or advice? Kind of scared it's way too much and some of it isn't needed even. If you know any more subjects that would help or be cool to study it would be awesome if you could share.

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    Re: Year 11/12 subject selection suggestions

    1. Look at previous cohorts performance in respective subjects for HSC
    2. As you are interested in pursuing science degree, I would recommend that you do 3 unit mathematics at the very least.
    3. Do Advanced English, the aligning is much better then Standard.
    4. Do all three sciences, if you are good at science then you are more likely to do well in it then other subjects.

    Investigating Science is non-atar related course, and I'd advise against doing it.
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