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Thread: Physics vs Economics

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    Physics vs Economics

    So, I have picked my subjects (twice) and I don't know if I made the right decision. Currently, I go to a top 20 ranked school, but I'm moving to a top 10 school. My subjects that I picked for year 11 are:
    Advanced English
    English Ext
    Modern History
    Advanced Maths

    Originally I picked eco instead of physics but since I changed schools, I had to option to switch, which I did. I did commerce as an elective and I found it alright, but I flunked my half yearly (resulting in a pretty bad rank and mark for my report). I'm generally pretty good at science but my math is pretty bad. I'm interested in the astronomy side of physics but my math (apart from alegebra) is depressingly bad. And taking 3 sciences is pretty intense lol. Not sure if I made a good choice...

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    Re: Physics vs Economics

    If you think that maths is one of your weak subjects then I would probably go with economics instead of either physics or chemistry, the new syllabuses for both those subjects are going to be heavily based on math calculations. And yes 3 sciences may be a lot of workload, even if you're good at science, chemistry and physics will involve a lot of maths along with science, so yeah I would probably go with 2 sciences max.
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    Re: Physics vs Economics

    Yeah like Sp3ctre said, I’d persobally suggest Economics simply because your mathematical skills aren’t exactly strong which won’t help with the new Physics syllabus, which is more calculations and that sort of stuff compared to the old syllabus which had kind of a history and social science mixed in between. 3 Sciences is very intense and you’ll struggle if you do not have a huge passion for all things scientific. It’s ok if you messed up Commerce, lots of Commerce kids undertake Economics (like me lol ) and just because you messed up one test does not mean you perform badly in Economics. However in saying that, Economics is very content heavy, lots of memorisation and application of knowledge but who knows it could act as a refresher from your heavy Sciences and 2 Humanities and 2 Sciences is perfectly fine as opposed to 3 Sciences and 1 Humanity. But yeah good luck buddy and hopefully you choose something you’re happy with
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