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Thread: Is Critical Thinking worth studying?

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    Is Critical Thinking worth studying?

    I have just started school again and I'm in year 9 and I chose Commerce (accelerated), History elective and critical thinking as my electives. The first two classes have been amazing and I'm enjoying them although it has only been a few days since I came back.

    But I am a bit confused whether I should continue studying critical thinking. The first class has been quite boring and it's mainly been the teacher speaking as no one really wanted to speak up.

    From the slideshow she presented, and from what I have heard going around, it is a subject that you can learn yourself as it is basically analyzing and understanding other people's points of views. It's a bludge subject but it does have some tests of average difficulty.

    My friends are asking me to switch over to International Studies and one of my friends in the class is doing so. Could anyone tell me any reasons why they think Critical Thinking is a good subject to study/not study? What are the benefits etc? Is it worth switching to International Studies or sticking with this as I'll be studying it for a solid 2 years.

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    Re: Is Critical Thinking worth studying?

    If well taught then I believe yes, critical thinking can help in developing the sophistication of an individuals writing and is worth studying.
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