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Thread: i dont understand this dance theory.

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    Question i dont understand this dance theory.

    i have my dance theory half yearly tomorrow on falling angels by jiri kylian and i dont know what to study.
    my teacher gave me a booklet with all this crap about music in it (shes a music teacher aswel) and nothing about the choreography or what it means does anybody have a clue???
    please help.

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    Re: i dont understand this dance theory.

    bit late but heres some info anyway.

    falling angels.
    background/influence: influenced by semberova who emphasized truthfulness on stage.
    Tetley - whose dances were characterized by "lissome dancers in lycra body tights performing fusion of modern and ballet'. - shown in FA's curved arms with angular leg shapes, use of accents as triggers for suspended mvt.
    arnhem land as an influence - kylian moved away from lyrical towards more abstract, surreal works - FA use of hands to communicate meaning, breaking away of individual to be reabsorbed, also works openness to interpretation. Stomach motif, syncopated stamping of feet that changes dynamics, dominace of group.

    Intent: 1980's women began to step into more powerful positions - feminism, celebrated differences between genders. FA reflects womens/dancers attempts to maintain purity - thhough they are seduced and directly personalize into human females ( thanks to dance teacher kilborn for this).

    talk about repetition and manipulation of wing motif.
    reliance of kylian on music - accents especially.
    drumming time changes in music - tempo, complexity, canons in mvt.
    use of light - structures the dance, used for transitions
    isolations - question and answer relationship.
    can compare to kylians torso, via mvt.
    also kylians 'six dances' use of positioning, light, parody, costume for mvt.

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