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Thread: Infs1603??

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    Question Infs1603??

    Thinking of doing INFS1603 next sem but i really need to pick up my WAM
    What's the course like? Is it extremely time-consuming and is it a bore to learn lmao???

    It's a toss up between infs or fins1613 and everyone says fins in sem 2 is pure hell so yeah thinking of infs. if its hard af might just bite the bullet and do fins1613

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    Re: Infs1603??

    1603 is not a wam booster

    I bombed the final and didn't understand one question (worth 25 marks) because it was confusing as hell (not in terms of technically confusing, but the question was worded so ambiguously and you had to read like 2 paragraphs) so I couldn't do the first sub-question, which meant I couldn't do the other questions following it rofl so I lost 25 marks there.

    Despite this, I got nearly 80/100 as a final mark because everyone else bombed it way harder (I think the average was like 30 - 40 or something, and I like a high P or low Cr raw in the exam).

    The projects are really time consuming, (14000 words). If you're in a bad group IT WILL FUCK YOUR OTHER SUBJECTS UP because you'll take on all the work load.

    I had to give one guy in my group a 1 for peer review, I ended up getting 40 + marks over 2 assessments. Which was NOT worth it because it dragged my other subjects down.

    SQL isn't that hard to learn and is a useful skill

    Only 2.8% got a HD for it S1 2017 (I would have been one of them if it wasn't for that one question D

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