I will be starting my term as year 3 student in 2018 Sem 1 and just wondering if there's any student in the same boat as me ?
any tips/advise from the seniors ? feel free to chip in

As i got exempted half of the credit units, im feeling kinda worry as im quite "rusty" right now.
Also, do anybody have lecture notes for elec2133 & elec3106 ? also math2069 if possible.
I got exempted for elec2133 but was told its best to read up on it before starting elec3106 (i heard its one of the "hardest" subject in this course).

Also, are "cheatsheet" allowed in unsw EE examination ?
as previously i'm from UON (newcastle, australia) and most of the examination do allow a4 double sided cheatsheet.