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Thread: Ad oculus extension 2 mathematics competition

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    Exclamation Ad oculus extension 2 mathematics competition

    Now that the trials are done welcome to the 2017 Ad Oculus H.S.C. Extension 2 Mathematics Competition.

    First prize is a beautiful new black Sydney University coffee cup with a $50 bonus for any entrant achieving full marks of 30/30. In the event that the $50 is not won in 2017 the prize will jackpot to $100 in 2018.

    Entry is restricted to current high school students only.

    Submit a scan or photo of the completed answer sheet to

    There is a limit of one entry per student.

    In the marking, entries will be sorted first by mark and if necessary, then by submission date with the earliest entry gaining precedence.

    Some questions are trivial, some are hard. Don't forget that it IS a competition! Teachers and university students should remember the words of Siddhartha "Do not speak unless it improves on silence".

    Good Luck! Thirty questions and answer sheet below.

    Apologies to all entrants who have already submitted, however a typo has needed to be fixed in Q10. The second term of the sequence is -18 not 18 as stated previously. The current pdf has been corrected. Resubmission with Q10 replaced will preserve your position in the queue. Fortunately it's just a 2 unit problem!
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