I have applied for bachelor of international development studies at strathfield campus reading
tge course description.. I have just received an atar of 68.55.
My question is that in completing this degree would i be considered a
valubale employee if i wanted to work for an embassy or the UN (i
really want to work for the UN) thats why i want to know if this
course is the correct one for me. Please reply if you have studied this or know anything about it so i would be able to change my preferences soon..

Im thinking between choosing bachelor of arts and science in uws majoring in There are twelve majors in the Bachelor of Arts.
»» Asian Studies and International Relations ( they said this major is good if you want to work in the UN or embassy)
»» Cultural and Social Analysis
»» English, Text and Writing
»» Global Studies
»» History and Political Thought
»» Islamic Studies
»» Indigenous Australian Studies
»» Languages (Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Spanish)
»» Linguistics
»» Media and Visual Cultures
»» Psychological Studies
»» Religion, Anthropology and Philosophy

Im not sure about the second major though..