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Thread: Mary White College

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    Mary White College

    So around this time last year I started to look for information on universities. There was pretty much nothing about Mary White so I figured now that I'm a resident I should give everyone on here some information about the college.
    I love MW and it suits my living style fantastically, a lot of our students are studying medicine or science so most week days there are study groups after dinner, and it is a bit quieter on most week-nights than other colleges.
    As Mary white is one of the smallest colleges we have a family environment, everyone is very close and all of the RF's are awesome.
    The rooms are actually quite big (by college standards) and a lot of them have been newly renovated with large cupboards and lots of desk space. My room has two large windows and it's great for getting some winter sun. We are kind of the underdog college, especially at sport but we are willing to participate in everything, so far I have represented for both hockey and netball (both of which I had never played before so that was interesting)
    We may have a reputation for being the quiet college but on Wednesdays and Weekends most of the college get together to go out or stay in and have fun.
    The food is excellent, much better than what i expected from college food and the highlight is always chicken schnitzel and mash potato for lunch. The other positive about living at Mary White is that we are on top of the hill with the university, it is a five minute walk to classes on the other side of campus and most sciences are right outside our front door. This means we have the advantage of coming back to college for hot lunch and being able to stumble out of bed right before lectures. It also makes going to the stro easier.
    Mary White is the perfect college to achieve a work and social life balance while enjoying yourself and being included in everything. I have only been here two months and already I am having the time of my life. I will remember O,week forever and I would recommend Mary White to everyone. It is my home and my family.

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    Re: Mary White College

    As a former resident of MW I couldn't agree more although I am sure that there have been many changes since I was there but the getting out of bed a 8.55 and making 9.00 lectures and tutes was always a plus for me.

    Do you still have formal dinners on a regular basis?

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    Re: Mary White College

    I can vouch for the rooms being big, they're massive compared to the other college rooms on campus(I've been in pretty much all of them this year :P)

    And if you're lazy and doing science, first year biology is right out of the door so it is really easy to get to class :P

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