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Thread: A few questions! :)

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    A few questions! :)

    So...I have a few questions to ask and I would love if people reply

    1. I want to transfer over to UNE for next semester and I will have to live there. Since its in the middle of the year, does this matter in regards to availability of accommodation? Will there be freshers week?

    2. Im interested in doing the Bachelor of Education (K-12). Whats it like?

    3. Since UNE operates under doesnt match with my uni as it operates under semesters. I finish on the 30th June and according to UNE 2013 date, the 2nd trimester starts on the 1st July. I really want to attend next trimester. Does it matter if I will be a few days late?

    4. I am looking at Duval College as my residence. Do they have a curfew at night? Im thinking of looking for employment while i'm there as a waitress and it will require late nights.

    Thanks in advance for answering my questions! I really appreciate it

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    Re: A few questions! :)

    Hey Frangipani,

    1. The colleges accept people in mid-year so that's not a worry. You say below that you want to go to Duval College, try giving the office a call to find out if there are any spaces left. There is an O-week, but its not anywhere near as big as the one at the beginning of the year, because the intake isn't as high.

    2. I do a Bachelor of Teaching, so I don't know what the Bachelor of Education is like.

    3. You can enrol, and miss a couple of lessons. You'll have to check with the individual units, and have to catch up as the units are pretty rushed.

    4. I went to Duval and only moved out this year. I loved it. There is no real curfew, nobody to check on you. Its like living in a flat. The only thing is for the exam periods, and the two weeks before, you have a noise curfew where you aren't allowed to party or play loud music. There are also tonnes of Cafes and restaurants so hopefully you'll find a job quickly.

    I hope this helps, and let me know if you have any more questions.

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