Hi guys,

I'm trying to find out about parking for students at ANU as I'm thinking about bringing a car when I start uni next month.

I'll be living in a college (not sure which yet as I'm still waiting for the offer) and I know some have their own carparks for students. I'm assuming getting a spot there would be very difficult as the number of spaces would be limited. If I can't get a permit for the college carpark or my college doesn't have its own carpark, is there any other way I can get a permit that will guarantee me a park somewhere reasonably close to my college?

From what I've read it seems that the surface parking permit just gives you a right to park on campus but it doesn't guarantee that you'll actually be able to find a spot. Is this correct? Other than that there are parking stations but these seem way too expensive to make bringing a car worthwhile.

If anyone has any information or experience about this I'd really appreciate it.