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Thread: LLM at ANU or USYD?

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    Question LLM at ANU or USYD?

    I am in my final year of LLB at USYD. I am thinking of either doing an LLM at USYD or ANU. The original plan was to do Masters of Law and International Development at USYD, but it appears that they are discounting the course which left me with LLM in International Law only.

    My interest is in post-conflict development and security and humanitarian law, so I was considering LLM in International Security Law at ANU. But wondering if the quality of the course is high?

    My general impression is that ANU has research on a wider geographical scope - is this true? USYD academics seem to have an obsession with a very limited set of Asia Pacific countries...

    Also I'm not going to become a practising lawyer so I am not concerned about employability in that context.

    Any other comments/advice?

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    Re: LLM at ANU or USYD?

    ANU definitely. Canberra is Australia's diplomatic and political sector, and ANU professors work tightly with the government as well as with overseas institutions. Combine that with the fact that their School of Politics, International Relations and School and School of Law are arguably their best faculties, I don't think that USYD could necessarily compete...
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    Re: LLM at ANU or USYD?

    Quote Originally Posted by b0b101 View Post
    ANU professors work tightly with the government as well as with overseas institutions.
    The entire law faculty has a massive hate boner for DFAT; so if by 'work closely' with government you mean slagging DFAT's policy positions off in class continuously, sure. Peter Bailey was a former public servant and established the Human Rights Commission, but he's retired now. The coursework is fairly good, I gatecrashed a bunch of the LLM lectures with a friend who was doing the course - was much better than undergraduate international law. I'd recommend it.
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