Hi guys,

I'm seriously considering a course in international relations at ANU, I've heard it is one of the best in the world. However I have a few questions in regards to this course and ANU in general.

Firstly, I live in Sydney. Would this make it hard to fit into ANU where I'm guessing the majority of students come from Canberra.

I've heard undergraduate courses at ANU kinda suck and most of the university's resources are focused on postgrads and people taking research degrees. Is this true?

(For someone who is familiar with the course itself) I've heard the job market for International relations students is very selective. I'm interested in working for DFAT however I've heard that out of 2000 applicants only about 25 are accepted per year. To what extent is this true and what other job opportunities would a course in international relations provide?

Thank you very much.