I completed the HSC and auditioned for the Bachelor of Music last year, and I got an offer, but I decided to take a gap year and the university wouldn't let me defer, so I need to audition again this year. I'm a pianist and have completed grade 8 AMEB and I'm currently attempting AmusA. I'm also studying grade 7 musicianship. In my HSC I got an ATAR of 90.20 and a band 6 in Music 1.
My pieces in the audition were a Chopin nocturne, a boogie-woogie adaptation of a classical piece, and a modern piece from a film, two of them at grade 8 or above. Would I be less likely to get in a second time if I played the same pieces, or doesn't it matter? I'm learning other pieces but I'm worried I might not perfect them in time :{

Also, how many pianists usually audition and how many get into the Newcastle con?