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Thread: Changing methods of dealing with disease

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    Changing methods of dealing with disease

    Here are my thoughts, please critique them:

    The shift from treatment/control to management/prevention

    Examples of the shift from treatment/control to management/prevention include:
    GM plants, such as Bt cotton, to kill caterpillar pests
    Quarantine, which seeks to prevent a disease from entering the country in the first instance
    Improvements in education, which aim to spread awareness of how to avoid contracting certain diseases, e.g. STI's such as HIV
    A greater emphasis by doctors, governments, health campaigns, etc. to improvement lifestyle/nutrition to prevent nutritional and environmental diseases

    However, there is still a an emphasis on treating and controlling diseases, and examples include:
    Insecticide use - however, insect resistance has made preventative measures increasingly important
    Antibiotics - these are generally used for treatment rather than prevention; the use of antibiotics has only been growing, and this has given rise to antibiotic resistance; this has made it more necessary to try to prevent bacterial infection from occurring
    Other medical intervention e.g., surgery are a form of treatment that has developed with time, demonstrating how prevention is not always possible, and therefore how treatments must develop as well

    Also, drugs such as anti-malarial drugs like chloroquine have been used prophylactically to prevent malaria occurring in a person, as well as a way of treating people who have already contracted the disease.

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    Re: Changing methods of dealing with disease

    One example - Instead of treating or controlling malaria e.g. through chloroquine, there is now a focus on management and prevention with mosquito nets, drainage of swamps, and spraying of DDT.

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